Porter Cove Homeowners Association



Mission Statement

Porter Cove Homeowners Association formed a board in 2001. The board consists of five homeowners that are elected by vote or proxy, during an election held in odd-numbered years for a term of two years. Per our covenants and by-laws, an annual meeting is held on the first Monday of February. This offers the homeowners a chance to discuss concerns and offer ideas and suggestions to the board, as well as an opportunity to make any changes.

Every homeowner should have received a copy of the Covenants & Restrictions and By-laws during their closing. It is usually attached to the title work. If you need a copy of the Covenants & Restrictions or By-laws, you can download them from this web site.

Quarterly board meetings are conducted to discuss homeowners issues, Kids Cove Park issues, financial reviews, maintenance of the pond and signs, and topics directly related to our covenants and by-laws.

Please voice your comments, opinions or suggestions in writing to PCHA, PO Box 895, Chesterton, IN 46304, or by emailing any board member.


The PCHA Board